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The Bare Home started as a passion project. Ashley James remembers becoming very conscious of sustainable living during her time in Germany as she loved the simple things people were doing in their daily lives to be more environmentally conscious so she quickly began to adopt this "new" way of life. After 7 years, Ashley and her husband decided to move back to Canada with their young family. She was feeling inspired and excited to bring some of the European lifestyle home with her. She had caught the entrepreneurial bug around that time and was actively looking to start her own business that she felt truly passionate about.

At first, the Bare Home was more than cleaning products, but Ashley quickly noticed that customers were most interested in the refilling options of her laundry and cleaning products. After months of design and development, she launched a full line of cleaning products along with a unique 3 litre and 10 litre at-home refill station and in-store refill station. When creating the collection, Ashley's two priorities were to create products that were effective and clean for the environment. This meant that all of the products would be biodegradable, phosphate-free, and dye-free. Never tested on animals and only scented with high quality essential oils.

By using refillable products in your home, you're contributing to the elimination of single use plastics. Refilling with one three litre box replaces six bottles going to landfill. Small changes make big impacts.

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