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We didn’t imagine a spontaneous trip to Colombia and a chance encounter with a vibrant paleta stand would offer penetrating clarity into the future of food. But, through the vessel of frozen fruit pops, whose appearance and flavor hypnotized us, we were inspired to brighten the confection world.


We are proponents of healthy lifestyles and ice cream’s appeal is undeniable, but its allure has also stunted its potential to change with the times.
It has remained irresistibly delicious, while proving to be undeniably unhealthy. By creating a flavor-packed plant-based alternative powered by real food and real ingredients, we’re rewriting culinary history. Our goal is to create a product as moving as our licks down memory lane.


Gone are the days of subpar ice cream, stomach aches and sticky hands.
What did we do differently? We partnered with a three-star Michelin chef, sourced the best ingredients & equipment known to mankind, and designed our ice cream with an ergonomic touch.
We prioritize what you put in your body above all else. Nutrient dense clean treats with a creamy consistency much like ice cream.
Tasting is believing. Here’s to your ultimate guilt-free indulgence.

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