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Located on a stunning 400 acre farm with over 2 km of untouched ocean frontage on Oyster Bay, Vancouver Island Sea Salt's salt harvestry sits halfway between the vibrant shellfish coast of Comox and the ‘Salmon Capital of the World’, Campbell River. The surrounding waters are glacier fed and bordered by old growth forests. This brings a unique blend of minerals to their salt while keeping the water source clean and unspoiled.

Vancouver Island Sea Salt's products are completely natural with over 30 trace minerals found in the Pacific, which means none of the additives or chemicals so commonly found in mass-produced salts. The result, a difference you can taste.

Vancouver Island Sea Salt is produced responsibly and with respect for the environment and their carbon footprint. Any ingredients infused into the salts are sourced ethically and sustainably. They are a proud Supplier Partner of Ocean Wise.

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