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Jade Herrmann knew there had to be a better way to make a non-dairy, thick, creamy and delicious alt yogurt. The kind of yogurt she enjoyed while living abroad in France and that could nourish the planet as much as it nourished her tastebuds. She found herself in the fall of 2017 on her kitchen floor recipe testing - cracking open coconuts! Then came the art of fermentation, the most magical and scientific melding of time, temperature and microbes to create the alt yogurt of Jade's dreams. Thick, creamy and super probiotic - all crafted with simple, real food ingredients.

As Yoggu has grown over the past few years, Jade remains even more passionate towards cultivating meaningful relationships with Yoggu's suppliers and partners. The Yoggu team produces every cup in-house and ensures the highest quality standards from how they source their ingredients to the final taste test before shipment. Flavour and quality is their obsession!
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  • Yoggu Original Coconut Yogurt
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