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Nellie’s was inspired by Nellie! She was a real person who believed in honesty, simplicity, and was going green long before it was cool! It’s these beliefs that inspired the development of a line of cleaning products to honour her. Striving to keep the environment as spotless as your home.

Nellie's products Simplify your daily life with safe, clean formulas and easy-to-use products. They're transparent with their ingredients and develop products that actually work! In fact, Nellie's is more concentrated than other detergents, so a little goes a long way. The fact is, more cleaning power can be packed into powder! Nellie's powders contain no fillers and are made with as few ingredients as necessary. Most conventional powder detergents contain suds-producing fillers, like SLS and SLES, that are harmful to your HE machine. Nellie's, on the other hand, is a low sudsing detergent – and safe to use.

Nellie's rinses completely clear, leaving nothing behind. No perfumes, no optical brighteners, no solid synthetics. Your skin, environment, and machine are left naturally clean!

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