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Matt was born and raised in King Township, and left Canada in 2010 to travel the world. It was during his travels that he met his now wife Annike in Germany. He decided to move there to expand his horizons and was introduced to a style of beverage called “schorle.” Schorle is a typical drink found in many European countries, which is juice mixed with sparkling water. There are many flavours that are not common in Canada such as pure rhubarb and black currant. Every time he came home, he would search for something like schorle to quench his thirst and that was an alternative to drinking alcohol in social settings but nothing was comparable. This was Matt's lightbulb moment and when Matt’s Craft Soda was born.

Deciding to return to Canada, now with 2 children and a family run business, they began producing schorle! Since nobody could properly pronounce “schorle” (pronounced Shore-Le), they thought that a simplification was necessary and decided to call it Soda. They have planted over 1500 rhubarb plants and 1400 black currant plants on their family farm and are looking to continuously add more unique crops as they business grows!
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