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Since 1985,  Galerie au Chocolat has been producing premium chocolates and confections for the North American market. As a privately-owned chocolate maker located in Montreal, Canada, they believe that exceptional ingredients delivers exceptional taste experiences!

Galerie au Chocolat is a leading North American supplier of ultra-premium chocolate confections and their Fairtrade chocolates are produced with only the best, ethically-sourced ingredients from around the world. Their chocolate experts source these ingredients and their master chocolatiers infuse them with creativity, passion, and the integrity of our time-honoured chocolate making process.  

By using only the finest of ingredients, Galerie au Chocolat does not add oils, emulsifiers, preservatives, flavours or anything artificial in their products. All products are natural, non-GMO, made in a peanut-free facility, kosher, and their dark chocolates are suitable for a vegan lifestyle.

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