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Our goal is to inspire discovery through acidity—bringing a healthy dose of fresh flavor to everything you cook, eat, and drink. 

We started by reimagining vinegar, creating living vinegars with both bold flavors and good gut health benefits. Vinegars that are raw, unfiltered, and always fermented with premium fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. Now, we're reinventing non-alcoholic wine with our Proxies and bringing new life to every item in your pantry. Vinaigrettes, hot sauces, condiments, and beyond.

It Starts With Vinegar

In the spring of 2019, our food scientist founders set their sights on reinventing vinegar for people excited by acidity but bored with the status quo. After experimenting with countless methods and over 500 flavors—everything from roasted coconut, to honey nasturtium, Campari, and kombu—we developed a proprietary process that produces complex, concentrated, and consistently delicious living vinegars. Raw, unfiltered, and always fermented with premium fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices.

Lab Trained But Restaurant Raised

We make vinegar out of anything and everything—and that’s just the start. We are ambassadors of acid. We explore acidity in drinks, sauces, condiments, and beyond because acidity makes everything taste better. Long forgotten behind sweet, salty, and savory, it's now sour's time to shine. Our products are science-driven experiments in acid, with a chef's focus on flavor. Brightness with balance, sour with soul.

Never Stagnant

The push to create new experiences on the edges of acid never ends, and we invite you to join us on the journey. That’s why we continually release our favorite flavor discoveries straight from our lab to your kitchen. Hyper-limited vinegars in flavors far outside the norm, cutting-edge condiments, acid-driven jams, shrub syrups, and more.

Welcome to Acid League

We see flavor all around us. We’re interested in art, design, science, and culinary creativity in equal measure. We make food, and we make a magazine. We experiment on our own, and we work with a league of like-minded collaborators—scientists, chefs, bartenders, brewers, winemakers, artists, and writers across the globe. We can’t be categorized because we’re always evolving. Acid League is living culture.

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