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Being Wholesome means living our values and celebrating the shared enjoyment of good food. We’re a family of farmers and bakers who love to make and bake our very best. From the no-compromise quality of our ingredients to the way we conduct business, we’re all about putting people first.
The Wholesome brand was founded in 2001 with a simple mission in mind: To provide high-quality baking ingredients and make life richer for everyone. We were the first to bring Fair Trade sweeteners to the U.S. and pioneer the Fair Trade standards for sugar, agave and honey, and we’ve always led the way when it comes to creating quality products and respecting the people who make them possible.
We believe the best products are made simply and purely, using consciously sourced ingredients that support the wellbeing of communities around the world. Our products are free from chemicals and artificial ingredients, and they’re always grown using sustainable farming practices that work in harmony with the earth. To us, Fair Trade is more than a certification. It’s foundational to who we are and what we value. It guides all our actions, big and small.
Wholesome brings high-quality Fair Trade Organic sweeteners to your table so that you can deliciously celebrate the special moments that bring us all together. From Fair Trade Organic Sugar to Honey, Agave, Molasses, Zero Calorie Sweeteners and Baking Mixes, our products are simple, pure, nourishing and made with intention and care.
As a result of our commitment to premium quality, we search the globe for the best tasting, most sustainable ingredients we can find. From Paraguay to Malawi to the US, we partner with farming communities that champion organic agriculture and lead in Fair Trade practices, producing pure and fresh sugarcane, honey, agave and more. We honor the source of every Wholesome product and the journey it takes to get from the farm to your kitchen. In the process, we carefully consider our impact on people and the planet.
At Wholesome, we’re dedicated to creating positive, meaningful change by bringing communities together. When you choose baking and sweetening products from Wholesome, you help support hard-working farm families. To-date, Wholesome has donated over $23 million in Fair Trade premiums to hundreds of communities and cooperatives around the globe.
To us, “Fair Trade” and “Organic” aren’t just symbols on the front of the package. As Fair Trade leaders, we stand by our producers, building up their communities and preserving their livelihood. They’re on the frontlines, caring for our bees and their fragile ecosystem. They’re out in the fields, doing the work that’s essential to maintaining a healthy planet. Because fair-trade premiums go directly back to communities, every purchase makes an impact. We’re committed to sustainable, organic farming practices that do good for the environment and the people who live and farm in those communities, creating good all around. From farmer to baker, we’re all connected in our love for making our best and sharing it.
Fair Food Creates Stronger Communities.
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