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Who We Are
Founded in Toronto, we are a dedicated group of like-minded people committed to making a lasting impact on our community through plant-based nutrition. In 2014, At the outset of our journey, we set 3 key values in stone. Today, we continue to strive to fulfill these commitments in each interaction we have with our community.

Our Philosophy

  Everyday Fresh  

Every one of our refrigerated products is made and delivered every night, to our stores, and to our network of partners around the city.

  Nutrition First

All of our recipes are designed by holistic nutritionists around whole, healthy, organic ingredients that contribute to a nutritious and balanced lifestyle. Over 40 of our products are certified organic.

  Sustainable Practises

All of our packaging is either reusable or compostable. We strive to divert 100% of the waste created by our operations from landfill. We support local organizations making a positive impact on our community.

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