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Katie is holding a set of chocolate bars in hand, deciding which one to eat
Soul chocolate began in 2015 out of our tiny apartment in Toronto. Our goal was simple: we wanted to make the best chocolate possible. At that time, we believed the best chocolate was one that simply tasted the best. You know, one that was packed full of flavour and complexity. And If you had the chance to try it, it would blow your mind wide open while challenging any ideas you had about what chocolate should taste like. 
Over the next few years we began to realize that making the best chocolate was not only about the flavour of the finished chocolate, it was about much, much more. What good is the best flavour when those who are supplying your ingredients are not paid fairly for their time and energy? We would say it's not so good at all!
So, we decided to source all of our cacao and every single ingredient we use in a transparent and meaningful way. Our ultimate goal is to buy cacao directly from the farmers themselves, which we are working towards each and every day. How amazing would it be to build meaningful relationships with the ones responsible for such tasty chocolate? Plus, we would be able to go travel to them and visit, and explore the beauty that surrounds them!
As we work towards completing that goal, we continue to source the remainder of our cacao through importers such as Meridian Cacao or Uncommon Cacao. They operate under a transparent trade model, providing a detailed breakdown of all costs associated with the transaction of cacao - from farm to final warehouse. This model, in our humble opinion, is wonderful. We know exactly where the money from our purchase is going, and who it is supporting.
So, what started as a journey to make the best tasting chocolate has evolved. We are sure it will continue to evolve as we grow older as a company and wiser as human beings. We want to make chocolate that is fair for everyone involved. That chocolate, in our humble opinion, is the best chocolate we can make.
Kyle and Katie are standing together in the chocolate lab
Kyle and Katie are the founders of Soul Chocolate. Although they never call themselves that. They prefer chocolatemakers (well, Kyle prefers tinkerer, as he is responsible for keeping all of the equipment in working shape).
They both grew up in the Niagara region of Ontario and hit the road in their early 20s to explore this beautiful world of ours. It turns out the places they love to travel most are some of the best areas for specialty cacao. Neat!
When they finally ran out of money and had to return home, they packed their bags one more time and moved to the city of Toronto. They were determined to learn all there was about chocolatemaking and build a brand of their own, and that is just what they did!
Although they have been in Toronto for 10 years, they have a larger goal of moving back to the Niagara region. Kyle and Katie plan to find an old timey barn on a plot of land they can convert into their chocolate lab 2.0. They also dream of growing everything they would need to add into the chocolate (lavender, mint, you name it), and sharing their experience with anyone who is interested in learning.
A farmer holding a ripe cacao pod in his hand
It's easy to get caught up in writing a love story about Soul Chocolate, but we wouldn't be anything without you. Corny? yes. But it's true! Thank you for your support in bringing fairness back into the chocolate supply chain, one chocolate bar at a time.
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