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How it started

“With grandparents and parents who immigrated to Canada, I grew up eating food that we planted, harvested and cooked ourselves. 
Because I saw first hand the way my Nonni (grandparents) used our homegrown and fresh ingredients to cook, I always knew what went into the food I ate and it always felt good after. I didn’t realize until I was older how not everyone had the same experience or relationship with food. 
Unfortunately, so many of the products you come across today, including and especially those you think are ‘healthy’, contain very little nutritional value, a lot of sugar and unnecessary ingredients. To add, they often leave you feeling bloated and tired, which we’ve affectionately started to call ” the bread-hangover.”

Our promise

“At Queen St. Bakery we take it right down to the basics and back to the beginning. We only use ingredients that are naturally full of the stuff that your body needs and naturally free from the stuff that it doesn’t. With ingredients like chia and beans instead of wheat, rice and corn, our bread is both gluten free and full of nutrients like magnesium, calcium and iron plus all of the good fibre that promotes gut health. Overall, I eat better, feel better, and have more energy, which is rare to say especially when you’re talking about bread.”
Giovanni Angelucci – Founder/CEO
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