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As a child, I grew up on Moong Pani – which means 'water of mung' in India. We loved this hot golden-hued broth that was always the star of our Sunday family brunches. My mother was introduced to Moong Pani as the family embraced a more holistic, Ayurvedic lifestyle, that focused on aligning the body, mind and environment. This meant knowing what to eat as the seasons change, being mindful of healthy food combinations and using nourishing foods as a therapeutic approach to well-being.
When I became a mother myself, juggling kids, work and a hectic lifestyle, one thing I was determined to do was avoid an endless cycle of colds, flu and antibiotics that can be rampant in school-aged kids. For me that meant focussing on strengthening our immune systems with warming, nutritious, all-natural, easy-to-digest foods with the right spice combinations. And if it was delicious enough to put a smile on my kids' faces, I was happy. Moong Pani became our breakfast staple. The warm, nourishing drink helped my children sail through years of Canadian winters without a flurry of colds. Now as young professionals they enjoy Moong Pani in their busy, city lives.
The inspiration to bring Moong Pani to the world came from our spiritual teacher Pujya Swami Shantanandaji. For years, I had been making Moong Pani for Swamis as part of a healthy breakfast, a soothing accompaniment for talks and a snack after yoga retreats. Moong Pani embodies many of the healthy body, healthy mind practices and helps to sustain energy through a long day. 

Over the past few years Swami Shantanandaji has been encouraging me to find a way to share Moong Pani with you all.

After much R&D on how to turn our home recipe into a convenient mix and with the blessings of our spiritual teachers, support of friends, my husband Harish and my children Hema and Deven – here we are today bringing Moong Pani Sipping Broths for you and your families to enjoy.

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