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About GoGo Quinoa…

Humane, Healthy, Bold, Down to Earth…

Our quinoa was the first fair trade certified in North America and has become our raison d’être as we have learned to process this pseudo-grain with exceptional nutritional properties.

From backpacker to food processor nationwide, my meeting with quinoa was the motive for developing an ethical project led by fair and ecological values.

Nutritious, tasty and versatile, quinoa has all the essential amino acids for absorbing the proteins necessary for the renewal of body tissue and the maintenance of good health. The plants are resistant to drought, require little water, and reduce the agrarian environmental pressure posed by other crops such as rice or corn.

By developing the widest range of quinoa products in the world, we have worked exceptionally hard with our partners to add quinoa to your daily diet, keeping in mind that eating is a pleasure in life. What we do tastes good.

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